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Neighborhood:wollaston, on safford st.
How long have you lived in Quincy?:whole life, one time we got kicked out of our apartment and lived with my uncle in salem for awhile, though
OR About how often do you visit?:
What's your favorite place here?:my cousin's house, it has cable, beer, AND capn crunch
Like any of the local bands?:in quincy? does darkbuster really count?
Belong to any of the local bands?:i'd rather just bitch about music i don't like than actually go and do something about it.
Favorite subject:for serious?
Least favorite:
Favorite teacher:
Least favorite:
Have a job?:victoria's secret at copley, cause i'm cool like that
Like it here?:it works for me
Gonna live here forever?:i hope i don't end up that boring
What would you change about it?:make the assholes and the yuppies move away.
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