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Name:jackie Ann Glass
Neighborhood: quincy.. by the CVS?
How long have you lived in Quincy?: for about a week.... just moved here from san angelo,texas evidently and
am now a full fleged quincyian I guess!
OR About how often do you visit?: unfortinately for everyoen im here to stay teehee jk
What's your favorite place here?: ummm my house I guess? i dunno... I NEED TO GET OUT jk
Like any of the local bands?: haven"t heard any.... but I def want to check them out
Belong to any of the local bands?: nope.. maybe ill be a groupie or something lol
School: my parents say its gonna be either north or just regular quincy high.. i dunno... help?
Favorite subject: creative writing and drama or chorus.... plus LUNCH haha
Least favorite: math ew
Favorite teacher: mr. feeny (boy meets world!! hahahaha lol)
Least favorite: uhhh.. pass?
Have a job?: no but Id like to get into acting for a living more than anything
Like it here?: so far yeah all the people seem like they actually liek music and doing interesting things here.... or at least the journals make it seem like that lol... prove me right please!!! hahaha
Gonna live here forever?: it already feels like ive been here forever lol... I wanna make something of my summer of freedom before school.... but yep Im here until i move to california with andrea and chrissy when we turn 20 to become an actress
What would you change about it?: put my friends here show me new ones!! lol
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