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Room in Braintree - $375/mo + utilities! (x-posted in a time of emergency)

Our good buddy Steve needs to move out, so here's your chance to score a sweet room for $375/mo + utilities in the 'burbs!

Located in Braintree, we're a 5 minute walk from the Red Line (and a 30-40 minute ride from Park Street) and a 5-15 minute walk from a library, a couple convenient stores, a supermarket, newbury comics and all the stuff you need. We're a 20 minute walk from a mall, for chrissakes.

Practice space + soon-to-be-recording studio in the basement! A back AND front porch! Suburban drivers give you a car's berth when you're riding your bike in the street! Mattsisto gets free TP + laundry detergent! I can get you 20% off organic and vegan eats!

We even have a myspace profile.

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