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Name: quinn glass
Age: 12
Neighborhood: quincy lol
How long have you lived in Quincy?: not long!!
OR About how often do you visit?: i dont i live here idiot!!
What's your favorite place here?: idk i havent explored much
Like any of the local bands?: no but i probally wouldnt my motto is "if it aint on mtv it aint good" lol
Belong to any of the local bands?: no!
School: nowhere yet but brown meadows in the fall
Favorite subject: LUNCH lol and gym kinda
Least favorite: idk...evrything
Favorite teacher: no1 teachers SUX f authority LOL
Least favorite: all of em!!
Have a job?: lol no thats child labor!
Like it here?: idk its kinda weird but watevz
Gonna live here forever?: i hope not!! i wanna live in hollywood 1 day
What would you change about it?: idk

so ya my sis joined so i am too!! lol errbody make sure u add me cauze i need buddies BAAAAAD!! i wanna hang wit ppl and chat wit dem n stuff so plz add me!! k bye for now
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